suburban propane price gouging

just got a propane delivery. 596 gallons at $6.019/gallon. called local office and they told me that was the price. after refusing to pay for it and telling them to close my account and take the delivery back, they came down to 3.89/gallon. they said they owned the tank which is bull because unless it is in my deed, they can kiss it goodbye. it they step foot on my property , i will have them arrested for trespassing.
i would be curious if anybody else has had the same problem .

What was the price last time you got it? I think it is a little high!

Christine Christine
Jan '10

not yet i use them too 2- 240 gallon tanks for my standby power generator

CagedAnimal CagedAnimal
Jan '10

I dropped suburban a few years ago when they balked on their contract to sell me heating oil at a fixed price for the season. Since it wasn't in their favor to do so all of a sudden, they raised the price without notice.

I had propane for my pool heater. They do own the tank. They have to reimburse you for whatever is in the tank when they pick it up. They can charge you monthly for the tank if you stop ordering propane from them. And as I recall, other companies won't fill the Suburban tank. It's been a while, but I think that was what I was told when I shopped around. I truly didn't like them :)

They charged me over $4 a gallon for oil last week, for 210 that the current price?

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
Jan '10

every suburban customer is having the same problem (although some don't realize it yet). they are crooks.

any lawyers out there interested in a class action lawsuit?

Jan '10

4 dollars a gallon for oil???? I just paid 2.67 or 2.73 (I forget) a gallon today.

M & K M & K
Jan '10

Greenworks Propane ( is $1.99/gal right now.

Yes, $4/gal is high.

Jan '10

Ouch Reggie. is $2.64 for 200 gallons right now. I would report them to the Attorney General's office or something!

If the tank was there before you bought your house, make sure that the previous homeowner didn't rent the tank. Most people will pass the tank on to the new owners to bypass the termination fee. They will give your name to them when they call to tell them they are selling.

I paid Suburban $ 4.39 today to fill my proppane tank at work. It is a 100 gal tank. I checked my contract at there is a $96 early termination fee and $78 NON refundable rental fee for tank.
Farclough in Newton is 3.99 as of today. Maybe these rates are higher because of the size of the tank?

Firefly Firefly
Jan '10

Propane rates vary pending what your actually demand is, for example; if you have all your appliances (boiler, hot water, stove & dryer) supplied by propane you'll get a better rate than someone that only uses it for hot water.
If Suburban owns your tank then legally no other company can touch it. Suburban has always raped their customers! They are making a HUGE profit & it's all about the numbers they need to report to the home office in Whippany, NJ.
This rent a tank & regulator scam is a joke! Some people are renting tanks that are over 40 years old!
Your best bet is to purchase your own tank from a distributor & shop around BUT make sure you tell the propane supplier you own your tank. You owning the tank means you can call ANY company to fill your tank at anytime. It may cost a little up front for a new tank BUT you will get the best rate & it will pay for itself & save you in as few as 2 years.

Hank Hill Hank Hill
Jan '10

Check out this post. I started it 1 1/2 years ago. You are not alone.

N & A & E N & A & E
Jan '10

unfortunately all propane companies can do pretty much what they want as far as prices or policy, they are not regulated. They charge you more if you use less gas than they think you should, and when you complain they don;t care. I got rid of my propane delivery, they took the tank and I bought my own tank and fill it as I need it. Go to Pa. it's a lot cheaper there than here. Of course if you need a great deal of gas it would be practical.

minotti minotti
Jan '10

We pay on a 'budget' plan and I have to call EVERY August to argue with them. We pay $2.89 / gal locked in for the year. Basically, I tell them to come and get their darned tank or sell it to us so I can get it where I want. Then, they come down in price! If you don't calll, you get stuck with whatever price they give you!

SandraDee SandraDee
Jan '10

I live in NC. I was charged $4.2490/gal on 1-26-10. OUCH!
I called one of Surban's competitors and was told they are currently charging $3.03 gal.
Today I will file complaints with the BBB and the NC Consumer Protection Agency (Attorney Generals office)

Next heating season the competitor will get my business.

bagrip bagrip
Jan '10

Propane companies are not regulated and can charge whatever they want. I used to use propane to heat my barn and fireplace and gas barbeque. Discontinued the propane for the barn when the price hit $5 and when I got propane for the barbeque and fireplace the price was $6 a gallon. When I made inquiry they told me because I discontinued the barn I wasn't using as much so the price increased. Told them to come get their tank, give me credit for the unused gas and close the account. They did just that, and while picking up the tank they rode the truck on my lawn and made big ruts in the grass, What a bunch of arrogant A**holes. I now have my own tank and fill it in Pa. once a year where the gas is alot cheaper.

I am going through the same scenario. I had called and cancelled anymore deliveries as my home is currently on the market and have a 360 gal tank that will last 5 months when full. They ignored my request and delivered another 143 gal @ 3.76. I'm comparing my price with my neighbors that rent their in-ground tanks. With-in the same week delivery our prices have varied from $2.25 low to my high price of $3.76. These guys are not regulated by the utilility commssion. This seems to be such a common complaint since I have been investigating this, I can assure you this will come to the attention of more than a couple of people in elected offices. While I am capable of paying this absurd bill I can only have sympathy of people that are living on fixed incomes and aren't privy to this practice. There is right and wrong and I fully support free enterprise BUT this isn't free enterprise when you take for granted that a biz would a least be with-in 10% of a comparable gas comapny delivery a comparable amount. This will make for good reading in our local investigating news paper, BBB and the Attorney General's office. Believe you me it's on the top of my list this month.

jerry speight jerry speight
Feb '10

Fleetwood pa Suburban jacked my rates up to 3.70 a gal from 1.99. I called and they said it was a computer glitch and refunded the fill same thing jacked up to 3.70 from 1.99.i said cancel mmy account and I wont pay more then 1.99 because that is what all the other local companies charge. I told them I want a price guarantee for one year at 1.99 from july1 09 to june 30 2010. In Jan of 2010 they came and filled again and charged me 3.79. I said come and suck your gas out as I will only pay 1.99 since that is still what the other local companies charge. they then came and overfilled it the next day and tried to charge me an additionl surchare and delivery fee. When I complained they said the year was over at Jan 1 2010 funny when my regular delivery is in dec they waited till Jan so they could screw me over. At this point I said Cancel service and Ill only pay 1.99 for the propane delivered since our real contract was until Jun 30 2010 as we agreed in July of 2009.Suburban Propane company is just a bunch of fu$%^&g criminals and they shoulod be lined up agaionst a wall and shot at a firing squad. Why arent the f^&%$#s nailed by the government? Probably because they pay off officials to look the other way while they charge almost double of every other provider in the area.

Argus Argus
Feb '10

I am paying about $4.05 per gallon for fuel oil. The price around town is about $2.65. Ouch. This is my first and last year with them.

I received a bill from Suburban yesterday $6.01 a gallon. Called for the 3rd time this winter to complain about the bill and they dropped the price to 4.09. I want to buy the tank and they tell me it's not an option. I'm soooooo tired of fighting with them everytime I get a bill. They insist on telling me they will work with me when I threaten to leave but they sound like I should be so greatful to get a rate of 4.09 a gallon. I use propane for everything in my house and use about 300 gallons every 6 weeks. I regret changing my house from electric to propane. Who would have thought that electric would have been cheaper. My tank is underground and I'm starting to think that it may be worth that hassle of digging it up.

Has anybody asked for proof from Suburban that they own the tank? Can they really prove ownership?

Suburban Propane-Seattle WA. They were charging my 90 year old father 5.13 a gal for the last year and in Dec 2009 it went up to 6.54 a gal! I had no idea that this would not be a similar rate for buying propane elsewhere. I called around and 3 companies ranged from 2.39 - 2.89 a gal. I could not believe it. When I called Suburban they did not offer to do anything and told me those prices were only introductory rates. We lease and other companies will switch out the tank for no cost. I told Suburban that they are to STOP any more deliveries.

Marsha Marsha
Feb '10

cs - if Suburban owns the tank, they will have to show a copy of the signed contract from when they installed it. If they don't have one, I guess they can't claim ownership, but you may not be able to get another propane company to fill the tank if you can't prove that you own it. My above-ground tank for a pool heater was put in by Suburban at my request. I was happy when I told them to come and pick it up. ($75 less they had to reimburse me for what was left in the tank) Eventually I stopped using them for heating oil. It is the rudest company I have ever dealt with in my life.

i paid 1.29 this week

Feb '10

Neighbor paid $2.89 or so today / gallon. Suburban, what a ripoff. A friend is starting a new oil delivery company, will keep you posted on his rates when he's up.

Rebecka Rebecka
Feb '10

i used suburban propane in washington when it was still fuel delivery driver warned me that agway was in big trouble and that things would change for the worse...i used suburban propane for 1 fuel delivery after they took over...the last time i called for a fuel oil price...the number was so high i asked the person on the phone if she would pay such an outrageous price...she said...noooo!!! more suburban propane for around there are many better fuel companies...that actually provide much better service also

ps maybe what should happen here is the people who read and post to the forum can start to post fuel and propane prices so it can be determined who is the most reasonable on price on a regular basis...not to mention service... tank ownership...etc...

I had the pleasure of firing my oil company. NJO, a customer for 18 yrs. For the past 5 months funny things have been happening. Forgot to deliver, asking me to check my own tank to see how much oil was in it, receptionist didn't know what the owners name was or what he looked like. The last straw was at 8:00 on 2/24 when they didn't come and deliver the fuel as promised. I got nervous because of the storm coming. Dropped the stick 1/8 of a tank. I called a new company that same night. Called NJO and said YOUR FIRED do not deliver here anymore. Put a sign on my tank so they wouldn't pull a fast one. New company came filled the tank and I paid $2.44 gal. The owner himself came, a good guy. I am sick and tired of fuel companys, banks and others trying to rip me off. No more, I'm done playing those games. I did enjoy firing them, it felt good.

Feb '10

If you're not using Greenworks, you're being ripped off. Again, see:

Our tank got low (our fault). I called, and they came out the next morning. No fees, no surcharges - $1.99. They're the real deal!

Feb '10

Thought I was the only one. I'm in an ongoing dispute with Suburban about price gouging. I had a fill in early winter around 100gals for $2.05/gallon and 32 days later they charge me $4.18 gallon for a 117 gallon fill. When I called to complain, they said it was how my pricing program was set up when we signed the contract. I've asked to this pricing program twice but it's never been delivered. I've sent two emails and two letters and none of them have been replied to. They still are charging late fees and they have now sent a disconnect notice out with a couple hundred dollar reconnect fee.

I'm never buying another gallon of propane from these crooks and I'm very sorry I changed from my old provider. Once this tank runs out, I'm going to disconnect it and purchase my own tank.

Hey people,

I work at GREENWORKS PROPANE & FUEL OIL. How I found this site was by "googling" our company name. VERY glad I did!

I realized people were mad at your propane companies, but I did not know to what extent. I have the "job" of designing programs that benefit CONSUMERS first, not us. So I want, no, I need to know what you guys want. Obviously, we have to deliver propane and heating oil at a fair price, enough to stay in business, but what other things are you looking for?

Budgets, price caps, pre-buys, pay with paypal, google checkout? TELL ME!

What I am doing now is re-designing our E-COMMERCE WEBSITE to allow easy, 24-hr ordering. This will help us lower our costs and pass those savings on to you. E-mail me any features you want to see at

Let me tell you, we are not making any friends in the propane business. Actually, they are mad as hell. Cutting off our local propane supply, calling the NJ Consumer Affairs (who is supposed to be on the side of the consumer, not Amerigas!!) are just a few things that they are doing to stop us from changing "Business as Usual". Propane at a Fair Price.....Who would have thought that that was a crime.

I will try to keep everyone informed of what's going on, but feel free to email me with any questions or ideas.



Ralph T Ralph T
Mar '10

keep on truckin ralph , wrongs havevto be righted and this still is a free country , i dont have propane anymore but i did yrs ago and was always fighting with suburban.

Think your prices were bad. They just replaced my tank; one week prior they filled up the old tank at $8.22 per gallon; put the new tank in a week later; credited me $6.42 per gallon for what was in my old tank. Major crooks. Am looking for new supplier.

Was filled up in Nov. for 4.79 called and complained and told them Amerigas is charging 2.59 they came down to 3.79. I told them I was going to end my contract because Amerigas prices were much better and they could come get my tank. Said they would match Amerigas at 2.79 on my next delivery. Guess what. Got the bill - $6 a gallon. Called Suburban they said I needed Amerigas's price on the day of delivery in writing to get that price. Jennifer, the rep in the Washington office who told me they would match Amerigas never mention any such condition. Called Amerigas again yes their price was 2.79 on the day of delivery but they will not put it in writing. Any suggestions? I have offered to buy the tank numerous times, they will not sell. Looks like they can come pump their gas out and get their tank off my property. Such Scumbags!

Apr '10

Suggestions: Put a lock on the cap or wrap a chain or cover around the refill-pipe; When you are out of your contract, wait until you have used almost all of the gas; Get a new account with Amerigas or Greenworks, and Find out how/when Suburban (or Amerigas or Greenworks) can coordinate/work out the removal and replacement of the new tank - Even sooner, if you are obliged to pay $6, have them take it out a.s.a.p. to credit you back the $6 worth of propane and move on, go forward - Stop looking back and just end your nightmare!!!

Apr '10

Greenworks is installing their tank next week. Or should I say our tank since we are purchasing it and filling it for 1.69 a gallon. I have enough nightmares, I am over this one. IF Suburban gives me a hard time about getting their tank, I don't care. According to their contract they own and are responsible for anything that goes wrong with it. They own it -their problem, I think I will charge them a storage fee.

Apr '10

I had a locked-in rate of $2.899 for the year, now their year ends April 1st, instead of June like it used to be. They waited until just after April 1st to make another delivery at $3.699. So I called & said drop it or come get your tank. Mind you, 2 years ago they agreed to let me buy the tank for $800 + tax, but now they say they don't want to sell their tanks because they are an "asset". So come and get your freakin' tank out of my property & I'll buy my own! There's a place in Stroudsburg, PA where I can get one, or I can have above-ground tanks installed. They just keep screwing with people and screwing up. I guess there are enough people who don't pay attention and just pay their bill without question. STUPID!

SandraDee SandraDee
Apr '10


We just posted our pre-buy propane prices. 12month. 400 gallon minimum. $1.949!!!! check it out on our website at

Budgets and Price Caps are available as well.


Ralph T Ralph T
May '10

See the below link regarding a class action lawsuit against Suburban. This law firm is looking for people that can document price gouching. Also this firm does not deal in suits that result in a coupon to be used towards a purchase. I had two attorneys fly out from Minnesota to speak with me and a group of people in my neighborhood that are stuck using Suburban.

May '10

They've been overcharging on each oil delivery too, we have had to call and ask for a lower price each time.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
May '10

That's great, melo... a million people who have been gouged each get a check for $6, while the shysters get a check for $3 million, which will eventually be paid for indirectly by Suburban's customers. The attorneys must really think they have a big payday coming if they're flying to NJ just to talk to a handful of people in your neighborhood.

ianimal ianimal
May '10

I am just learning about this class action suit, got a delivery in March of 500 gallons (mind you I never got a delivery before for over 300 gallons) from the Hampton NJ Suburban at 4.89 a gallon my bill was over 2400.00!!!! Called to complain was told the same song and dance that other companies are giving me their "introductory price" and that once I was a customer of Region Oil or Fairclough it would go up. They worked out a "wonderful" 4 month payment plan of 633.00 a month of which I still have 1 payment to go. It really is a tremendous hardship to pay this each month. I have been a customer for 22 years and this will be the last winter I will use them. They can come get their tank.

livid in layton livid in layton
Jul '10

Just paid $5.89 a gallon and a $9 REG fee whatever that is all for 20 gallons of propane. How do people sit still for this?

mt12308 mt12308
Aug '10

I am SO pissed off at Suburban. Get this.

Suburban locked in rates in JULY, not by September 30th as they have in the past. The account manager over the years has told me to call her every August to obtain a locked in price, so I did. She said it was too late.

I told her that by NJ State statute 52:27D-511(b)(1) they have to notify their customers of any changes in prices and policies, which they did not. Oh, they let their contract customers know, we were "unofficially" contracted because we obtained a locked-in price from her, even though we also had a "Silver" plan of service. We never received notice of any changes. I quoted the statute to her, stating that under state law we qualified as customers, that we have been buying from them for 10 years by bad luck because the house just happened to have a tank in the ground that they claimed to own. I told her we still want proof of ownership or we will sue for ownership of the tank and buy our propane elsewhere. She said I was way over her head & she would send all info to the legal department and have them contact me.

She also quoted me a price to purchase the tank that was about $300 higher than 2 years ago, and I reminded her of that fact. Oh, maybe they can do something.


Sep '10

We said goodbye to Suburban and hello to Norton Oil in Washington. I am glad we did. MUCH lower pricing of oil. Sorry we spent so many years with Suburban.

mansfield mama mansfield mama
Sep '10

Suburban ripped me off for over a year. 5.35/gal for propane. They said I wasn't using enough. I was getting over 400gal/ year. They dropped thier price to 2.35 (locked in one year)for the first delivery. When I reordered another it shot up to 2.47 for no reason. They said they never said they would lock it in. I told them to take their tank and I went to Greenworks. No hassels. No bullshit. Love them.

Stephanie Stephanie
Nov '10

I just filled up my tank was shocked to see they were charging $5.98/gallon. I checked on-line and found the market price nationally at about $3.20/gallon. At Lowes the other day a five gallon refill tank was $18.70 ish. I called the Hilton Head office to complain. The person who answered the phone said let me look up you account, I asked her why that matters, the price should be the same period. A gentleman came back on the phone and offered me $4.05 and that's as low as he can go. What is this let's make a deal?

To me this is flat out gouging to see what they can get away with. I'm sure I'm not the only one and I'm sure there are others. I would think your consumer reporter would love this.

Jan '11

Just got a delivery with a price of $6.00 a gallon. Is this legal? the price listed on the US Energy Information Administration shows the price per gallon is $2.75.
Do I really have to switch companies every year to get a somewhat reasonable price? I don't really have the time to be playing around with them. It's not in my budget for my utilities to randomly double in price for no reason.

Legal? Legal?
Jan '11

Why do you question the legality of $6.00 per gallon?

Gordy Gordy
Jan '11

Its pretty normal to pay 6$ a gallon for a cooking account. Most people wioth cooking accounts get like 1 delivery of 24 gallons a year. Its almost not even worth the company to set up the tank, install regulators and fittings for an account that maybe nets them 100$ profit a year. And then always the likely chance of a service call or 2 a year, where the account actually makes them 0$. So for a cooking account 6$ is a great price!

But wh yI dont understand is that is looks like greenworks is well over a dollar a gallon cheaper than any company out there. So why not just go with the cheaper company??? Hell 1$ a gallon cheaper for 500 gallons a year is worth an early termination fee to get away from your current price gauging company no? But dont forget some companys offer service contracts that can actually make up for the large price difference per gallon also.

cardude cardude
Jan '11

Would anyone pull into a gas station with no price listed, and tell them to fill your tank, without asking how much it is? Would you go to a restaurant and order whatever your family wanted without seeing the prices, than think it's "illegal" if they charge you more than you think it should have been?

Why do you do the same with propane? By agreeing to automatic delivery - you are telling them "Come give me 400 gallons of fuel and you don't have to tell me how much it is in advance."

Why would you do that?

I am me
Jan '11

Look at the NJ avg on that web site, not the US avg. NJ residential propane avg is $4.00

You know I actually called Greeworks yesterday based on the info I found on this thread and I have to say I was really impressed with them. For starters, they list the price right on their website. HUGE as far as I'm concerned. I have always felt that whenever I call a place to get a price it is like (as someone else put it) "let's make a deal". I also personally feel it is irrelevant what the propane is used for. We just use ours to light our fireplace, but really why should it matter? I don't pull into a gas station and have to account for where I drive my car now do I? Fuel is fuel. Greenworks does seem to charge a pricey monthly rental fee (in the $14-15 range) BUT considering that suburban quoted me 5.99/gl and greeworks was 2.24/gl I think it evens out and I have a lot less BS to deal with. I was very annoyed with the way Suburban handled the whole call - they told me there is a tank removal fee of $100 (Greenworks does not charge one after your initial year) and they outright lied and said that Greenworks only has 2 trucks out of Nazareth, PA. so "I need to consider the service". Really Suburban? The only service I'm getting from you seems to be me bending over and taking it! Well, shame on me for not making the move sooner. I cannot wait to leave them. When we signed up I honestly did not know a thing about propane costs and companies to choose from - I just decided on Suburban b/c I saw their trucks everywhere and figured they must be reputable. There's a mistake I won't make again. Oh and you can best believe I am going to be telling ALL of my neighbors about Greenworks (and considering I'm not even a customer yet, that speaks volumes).....

antimony antimony
Jan '11

i had suburban years ago and i couldn't stand them then i went to ferrell gas and they did the same thing ripped me off i then went to agway and had a great relationship with them until they because suburban and now it is a fight every month to lower the rate i heat my home and purchase over l,000 gallons but that doesnt' qualify me forthe best rate so i am screwed either was if i lower my heat an be cold i reduce th amount i use i really hate using propane it is not very warm and not very efficient but it would cost $5,000 to get the gas line to my home and if i got oil i have to convert my furance. i am so sick of getting ripped off everyday from everyone i think we as americans just need to show them whose boss ad just shut down no bank deposits no tax payments it is sickening what is going on in this country i don't think our kids will ever get ahead they will live in poverty even if they didn't come from it even if they do have college degrees that doesn't seem to matter but all these companies steel from us everyday does anyone have a solution?

sue D
Jan '11

The U.S. Department of Energy provides lots of info on supplies, trends, and prices for energy. You might want to glance at this site for heating oil and propane:

Richard Richard
Jan '11

i argue with suburban every month too, it's as though they charge a high price on the delivery slip and then you have to call to get a lower price.

What about the people that don't call?

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
Jan '11

How much gas can you use annually for a log starter? Sounds like you didnt make that good of a deal if they charge $180 per year tank rental... This is where green works probably make out ok. For a cooking account and other small usage account that tank rental fee makes them money.

cardude cardude
Jan '11

I purchased my home in November of 2010. There was already a S…n Propane inground 1000 gallon propane tank installed by the previous owners. They may have had a contract with S…n, but I don't and there is not a lien on my property because of the tank. I had the tank filled by S…n at their introductory rate in December, 2010, but told S…n that I did not intend to sign a contract and would not do business with them in the future. I then got into a heated argument with them on the phone and told them to come and get their tank. They said that I would have to hire someone to dig it up and then they would come and pick it up. I told them that it was their tank and I have no agreement or contract with them. They could come and get it or I would either consider it to be mine or take them to court to force them to remove it. I want to buy my own tank and not deal with these people.
Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about this? I would appreciate any assistance.

Jim F. Jim F.
Jan '11

I got tired of this fight every year, so I installed a pellet stove to supplement my heat. Instead of filling my oil tank monthly I now fill it twice a year mainly for my hot water. God luck with fighting the FUEL CO. its a loseing battle.

HD-ryder HD-ryder
Jan '11

Jim - It's your tank and you can have anyone fill it.

Jim F.

We had the same problem. When we first moved into the house we had no problem with Suburban. They locked us in for a year at a very reasonable price and we didn't really give it much thought. I have an earlier post here explaining the $6 a gal. they tried to charge me last winter.

I called Greenworks and rent a temporary 120 gal tank. Greenworks unhooked Suburban's tank and hooked up the rental. I told Suburban to come get their tank. Lots of back and forth. To remove the tank they would have to remove the 600 gal. in the tank and charge me .35 to .75 per gallon. Then I would have to have the tank excavated. I was quoted a price of $1300. At this point I was ready to bite the bullet and pay just to get Suburban out of our lives. As a last ditch effort my husband wrote a letter to Joe or John Costa and offered to buy the tank because regardless we would no longer be Suburban customers.

We ended up buying the 1,000 gal. tank for $1800.

the only problem now is because we are not a "customer" of any one company we are last on the delivery list and often get bumped. Just a lesson for next year to fill up right before busy season, no matter what is in tank.

Good luck.
I would only deal with Costa. He is hard to get a hold of but the only one that can do anything for you.

Jan '11

I HATE this company and plan to DUMP them as soon as I can figure out exactly HOW to do so!! Obviously, I need another tank that I own and will have to research that, etc., but these people DO PRICE GOUGE and make me SICK!!

CLEARLY, they are not interested in my continued business with the prices they charge...last deliver was JUST SHY of $5.00/gallon...I called today and told them POINT BLANK I would NOT pay that when most places were charging about half of that..."Oh, but that is an introductor rate!" I assured them it was NOT...the "introductory" rate was LESS than that!! Suddenly...I could $3.99.9/gallon...I STILL refused.

They are supposed to call me back on Monday, 2/7/11...we'll see...I NEED a delivery soon and then?? they tell me they don't have a truck coming in my area for a WEEK!! I'm sure it's a PLOY to get me to contract for an EMERGENCY DELIVERY which will cost $200!! Are they SERIOUS?? In the middle of HEATING SEASON they only have a truck come through an area where virtually EVERYONE is propane ONCE a week??

Well, if so, just another reason to DUMP THESE BUMS!!

I may have missed it above, but if anyone HAS gotten rid of these CROOKS successfully by getting THEIR tank OUT, YOUR tank in, and how you did all of that, PLUS, who you use now, I'd appreciate knowing about it.

And I AM going to contact the attorneys in Moorestown, NJ about them. Nothing gained if I don't try, right??

Alleycat Alleycat
Feb '11

link to class action lawsuit being filed against suburban
I too have yearly horror stories with suburuban
in the midst of this year's battle now
will post entire story shortly
wanted to get the lawsuit link out to all asap

William B William B
Feb '11


Call Geenworks. While I was battling with Suburban they came and put a temporary rental tank in my yard and disconnected the Suburban tank so I no longer needed to depend on them for anything. It took a while for us to resolve our Suburban ordeal but we now own our tank and have been paying Greenworks 2.24 a gallon all winter. Give them a call really are very pleasant and understanding to Suburban customers. Good luck.

Feb '11

The only complaint with Greenworks I have is their customer service. I had an issue with their regulator and tank gauges around Christmas time. At the time i thought the problem was my fault. So when I called for an emergency delivery, they charged me an emergency charge of $200.00. As this was during a snow storm and the day after Christmas I tipped the driver generously. Only to find out that a portion of that emergency charge I paid went to the driver. Now after talking to people about the issue I had I found that it was not my fault. My two tanks are tied together. And as the propane is used they should draw down together. Well I was looking at my tank gauge closest to the appliances they feed and the gauge said 30%. But nothing inside the house was working. When I finally looked at the other tank that gauge read 0. When I got my ticket for my delivery it definitely showed both tanks were empty even though the one gauge read 30% still.

Now for a month after I was having nothing but problems as I posted on here looking for help. After doing research on my own I come to find out that the problem was once again with their regulator. I was told that they must be on a slight angle downward as to let any moisture drain out. Mine was slightly tipped the other way. After I gently tipped the regulator the correct way and put a small piece of cardboard in front of the large hole in the tank top to block the snow from being directly blown into the vent on the regulator the problem was fixed. I fixed their equipment problem. When my land lord tried to get in contact with someone about this issue they would assure him a call back from someone who could help him, but it never came. So I told him I fixed it and he called them back. After explaining the issue to the woman on the phone, she passed the call off onto a man. This man investigated the issue and found the inquiries by my land lord and admitted bad business practice. Next he was asked what could they do to pretty much make this better. He replied take care of my tenant. My tenant was charged a $200 emergency charge for a problem that was caused by your equipment. They assured him they would look into this, but with no promises made. However there has not to this day been a phone call or any correspondence from them.

Then this passed weekend I was away in NH and had set up a delivery of propane for tuesday. On tuesday while I was still not home the delivery was made, but to the wrong house. It was delivered to my neighbor who did not need it. My mailbox is clearly marked with a highly reflective number that can annoyingly be seen from the approaching intersection. Once somehow the error was made, the driver then delivered the propane ordered to my house.

The prices of this company are WAY WAY lower than ANYONE else around. (however slowly rising as I paid about 30 cents less late last year) But I thnk they need to work a little on their customer service.

SeeintheReality SeeintheReality
Feb '11

Ps Greenworks is now, well at least as of tuesday $2.34/gal

SeeintheReality SeeintheReality
Feb '11

I haven't had a problem with them up until now. I was on the budget plan and I was paying $175 a month. I got a notice in the mail the other day that my budget plan was going up to $771 a month! I thought this was some sort of a mistake so I called them and asked how I could go from paying $175 a month to $771! They assured me it was true and I told them that was no sort of a budget! I told them I can't afford to pay this and that I will need to take a second and third job. There is a reason I am on a budget plan! Of course they didn't seem to care. So guess where my tax returns get to go? To these crooks!

Sarah Sarah
Feb '11

Ok another complaint about Greenworks. The issues I was having before came back. Both tanks reading two different readings. And my furnace is whacking out again. My landlord called them and they said they would send someone out no later than the end of the week. Well it being saturday I would believe this is the end of the week and no call or visit. Hm I hate to complain as the savings are great. But I guess the old saying, ya get what ya pay for, pertains to their customer service. But just like with Cablevision, the other option is ridiculous so you're kind of stuck.

SeeintheReality SeeintheReality
Feb '11

Speaking of propane. Does anyone know of a place to buy a 100 or 120 gal propane tank in this area? Or if it is even possible to buy your own tank and have it filled from whomever.. in New jersey?

Mar '11

Hm Greenworks is still a no-show. And the problem still exists. Guess their going to wait until I run out again and then cahrge me the $200 emergency fee.

SeeintheReality SeeintheReality
Mar '11

To anyone who tried to help me with this problem, I want to give a little update. Afew months ago Greenworks came out to switch the regulator. When they took the old one off water dumped out of the vent hole. After putting the new one on and a few snowstroms and such, I have not had the problem again. Now being as this problem started way back on December 26, completely running me out of propane, as well as me saying repeatedly I think the problem is your regulator, do you think they reimbursed me the $200 emergency fee they charged me. A $200 emergency fee to come out and fill me with propane because I ran out due to a problem with their equipment, that I rent is paid on. Nope. Not a dime. Not a check up call to follow up to see if all is well with the system. Nothing. Just busines as usual.

SeeintheReality SeeintheReality
Apr '11

I just got charged $353 for 19.7 gallons of propane from Suburban. They came unannounced, of course, and left me the bill at the door, explaining the excess is for "Minimum Bill." This is $12.65 per gallon!!! I'd like to tell them to shove it, but they tell me that they own the tank, yadda, yadda, yadda. Any suggestions out there???

Amy R. Amy R.
Jul '11

call kappers and get a price. then tell suburban and have them match it for a year. tell them your going to switch companys. i did this. so good luck

bev bighead bev bighead
Jul '11

Am trying to get a decent price on a 120 gallon above ground tank. I called G and they said $837.00 It seems high; but hey, what do I know?

Has anyone recently bought an above ground propane tank? Is this price in the ballpark?

Aug '11

I got my brand new tanks of 120 gallon at $500. Greenwork is insane, they charged 30% more than a dealer.

Oct '11

Just found this site after googling "suburban gas prices". We just had our bill left on the doorknob in the plastic bag as usual and were horrified to see that we'd been charged $5.39 a gallon for propane. We will be ringing them on Monday to demand they take back both the gas and their tank and we will be moving our custom to Trexler Haines Propane who inform us their gas is $2.50 ( fixed until at least June 2012)

I can't believe how much they charge for it, it's unbelievable and I'm sure a lot of customers will be leaving them if they continue with these ridiculous prices

the propane companies dont sell tanks because its better for them to have captive customers.
And, it seems like they have the propane tank installation market wrapped up. I am looking to buy a 1,000 gal underground tank.

bill nichols bill nichols
Dec '11

Just got a $1300 bill on my door for 249 gal. Time again to have the screaming phone call to Suburban. I just refuse to pay unless I get a reasonable bill. Tired of this. I'd like to buy a pair of above ground tanks, have them filled, switch the connection, and have a friend dig up the Suburban tank and leave it on the lawn of their headquarters in Whippany. Will Greenworks fill a tank that they do not rent?

Also looking at pellet fired boilers, already have a stove and its great.

I don't use propane nor do I know how everything works with getting propane but greenworks currently is charging 1.89 a gallon. here's there website.

I usually get my oil from them and have never had a complaint.

casualreader casualreader
Dec '11

Greenworks will fill a tank they do not own but you have to give them proof that you own the tank.

Dec '11

I see this post has been running on 2 years now and still seem to be consistent complaint about Suburban. I just had 500 gals delivered from Eastern Propane at $3.23/gal. A bit higher than my Sept delivery which was at $2.86. I checked prices at the EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) and they list average residential propane in NJ at $3.83-3.90/gal for the past few weeks so looks like I got an OK deal from Eastern. Although if there are more companies like Suburban out there they may be skewing the averages for the state.

Bruce Pugh Bruce Pugh
Jan '12

My price today from Meehan Oil/Budd Oil was $3.10 he national average today was $2.87. I would love to know if you buy a house and the tank is in the ground not in your deed I would assume from the little bit of RE law I know you own it. I have spoken to at least three prominent local attorneys who rep towns in Warren County and none of them would give me a solid yes or no answer to that question. Here is something our elected officials can actually do something about since they are unwilling to lower property taxes and stop government waste. Time to regulate propane companies. I hate how the propane companies stick together on this issue and screw their customers.

John Torkos John Torkos
Jan '12

unless u bought the tank that is there thak, and they have the right to come get it sorry

dusty dusty
Jan '12

Well you would think supply and demand causes the prices to fluctuate, not the case this year. I paid less at Greenworks last year which was bitterly cold from Dec. to March. This year I have paid more and the demand is clearly down. I hope Greenworks understands that we also pay a monthly rental at 2.50 a gallon it is getting high priced. I guess they have to make up for the volume decrease....propane is an aweful energy to be stuck with!!!!!

Nick B Nick B
Jan '12

i dropped suburban years ago. their prices were $4+ per gallon, their delivery people caused property damage, charged us more than what they put in the tank and their regional mgr we talked to about the damage and high prices disrespected my wife, so i called him back and gave him the old talking to.

i got them to pay for the damage, had them refund us for the propane left in the tank at the price we paid for it (not the price they wanted to give back...which was surprisingly lower...go figure) and then said get that tank the F off my property.

swensons fuels inc near me (PA) is far superior in every way. it's only like 2-something a gallon and they don't charge you any of those crazy extra fees.

got the parents-in-law to drop suburban too...they had like $2000+ credit in their propane acct and suburban was still having them make payments. WTF!

david david
May '12

They delivered without my approval 170 gallons last October and charged me $5.67 a gallon when the current rates were $2.89. I called 4 times before I got through to the manager and he said it was too late to change it lower because the bill had already been done but he would only charge me $.50 cents above his cost on the next delivery. I made it clear I would call when I needed more propane. Then this August they snuck out when I wasnt home and filled the tank, left me a bill on the door for $4.70 when the current rate is $2.39. I called an left several messages again and today got through and told them to come pick the tank up. Sick of these people using questionable practices to price gouge people. I read above they will try to charge me for termination and I am going to file a complaint with the attorney general if they do this. I also want my money refund for the October overcharge. These people are crooks..

Sheri Sheri
Oct '12

See thats what I dont understand I dont have that kind of money I would love to switch to a new company but in order to do that I would have to get a new tank cause I dont own my tank. And with the cold weather already dropping I cant go without heat and 5 kids no heat.

amber amber
Oct '12

In your case, I'd look into buying a couple of EdenPure electric heaters to split/break-up your heating system, to cut your heating bills in 1/2
Second, although I agree getting a new tank to own does costs, but there should be no cost in changing to AmeriGas, FerrellGas, Eastern, or whichever other gas company serves your area
*ANY other firm is better than Suburban*

Me and my girlfriend just bought a house in Htown. The house came with a supposedly rented tank from Suburban. They messed up on paperwork a few times and left us without any propane for a few days, no heat! They came and put a lock on it when all they were supposed to do was check the level. IDIOTS. Needless to say im already done with them. So now im wondering if they can come take the tank without my approval since its on my property and also since i never signed anything and its on my property isnt it my tank?? thanks for any help guys

Matthew Matthew
Oct '12

I just got a bill from AmeriGas, who bought out the local little guy(H&H Gas). AmeriGas took over their accounts delivered me 133 gallons (on a commercial site) and was charged $4.75 per gallon, this raised my eyebrows and landed me here in my research. Looks like they are all the crooks, I'll be making a phone call or 3 tomorrow for sure!

Gene123 Gene123
Nov '12

We use Greenworks. Paid $2.45 last Sunday. Called for another delivery on Saturday because we use it for our generator. Evidently in a week they became high and mighty and told me they will get to me by the end of the week. Mind you I have four tanks on my property that use them. I also own the tanks and may look elsewhere but I doubt I'll find another company with that price.

long time resident long time resident
Nov '12

$2.45 is a terrible price. Fairclough Fuels ( recently filled my propane tank for $1.89/gal. Give them a call and save $$.

Beware Suburban!
Nov '12

Thanks for that info Beware!!

long time resident long time resident
Nov '12

just called fair clough, was about to go with greenworks, better prices. thanks alot!

Matthew Matthew
Nov '12

Can anyone point me in the right direction to research buying a new propane tank?Had h&h propane in central nj for 15yrs,been bought twice in the last 4yrs it seems.and now is amerigas,,,,service running downhill fast,,,,prices $3.89 a gal if they come ,,just looking for a better option then being held hostage by them,,,,,,HELP!!!!! p.s.....i have a 320 gal tank now

Dan r Dan r
Dec '12

With suburban in honesdale pa. Recently got delivery of 39+ gal at 4.779 per gal. Contacted them to take me off auto delivery as other local companies were charging $2.19 ish per gal. Their answer: we will drop price approx.50 per gal. They also charge yearly tank rental and other dubious delivery charges. What gives with this company?

jim gill jim gill
Jun '13

It depends on what you use the propane for. If you use it to heat your home you will have a lower price than someone that just uses it for say a fireplace or cooking only. Even hot water accounts that don't use much product per year will be priced higher.

cardude cardude
Jun '13

I'm not really up to date with the current cost of propane but it doesn't matter anyway because when it starts to get cold the price will rapidly rise as usual. I use to heat my home with propane and got so tired of the bill. My thermostat was set no higher than 68 during the day, 65 at night yet still very expensive. I invested in a wood stove, my home now averages 80 (!!) during the winter AND the cost of wood for the entire winter was approx $400. Can't beat that and I would recommend that more people look into either wood or pellet. The savings is amazing ... and comfortable!

Jun '13

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