Cops and Rodders

Anyone stop by the Cops and Rodders at Wendys/Lowes parking lot last night? It will be every Thursday until November! Pretty good showing last night!!

TexasKeystone TexasKeystone
May '09

No but I would love to. What time does it usually get going?

Seein the Reality Seein the Reality
May '09

Seein- They get under way at 6:00PM every Thursday, weather permitting. It's a fun time. Some really great cars as well as a DJ.

It will be running for 21 weeks ... weather permitting. If you plan on bringing a car, you need to get there early. Section A on the Wendy's side was completely full with 100 cars and next week Section B on the Lowe's side will be blocked off for the cars. We will be alternating DJ's every week for a variety of music. This Thursday we will be handing out "Goody Bags" for the first 100 cars so if you are bringing a car and you are one of the first 100 cars you will receive one.

As we were setting up, cars starting strolling in really early but most do not show up that early.

May '09

Any interested vintage car owners are invited to the
House of Good Shephard on Monday June 15 at 7:00
for the residents to see their cars. Food will be

For more information contact Agnes at 908-684-5731.

Jun '09

Cruise Night - My neice and I have taken our Mustangs to every one. Met alot of new people and also ran into some old friends. There has been such a big turn-out for a small town!

SusieR57 SusieR57
Aug '09

SusieR57, what years are your Mustangs? Any Mods?? I went to one of the Cops and Rodders shows, saw a lot of Mustangs, just wondering which ones were yours and your nieces. Mine is the '03 with the lightbar and tonneau cover, supercharged, torch red.

Uncle Ronnie Uncle Ronnie
Aug '09

Always a great time to see unique and classic cars.
Let's prey for less rain and even more cars!
You might even win a award!

once I get my plates I will be there.

How long has it taken others to get thier personalized historic plates?

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