Summer Camp Jobs

All positions take place at our magnificent 55+ acre facility in Long Valley! Positions get filled daily so apply today!

GROUP Counselors - Participate in fun activities with your campers daily! Get paid to play sports, do crafts, go swimming, eat ice cream etc. The most fun job you will ever have.

TRAVEL COUNSELOR – (Must be 21 Years or older) – Spend half the summer on exciting trips and the other half at our 50+ acre camp site doing sports, crafts, swimming and the like with our campers. This will likely be the most fun job you ever have. Trips include Broadway Shows, Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Baseball Games, Arcades and so much more!

LIFEGUARD – Need to already have or be able to pass a Lifeguard Certification course. Be a part of or 30 Lifeguard member staff. Teach swim instruction in the mornings and guard in the afternoons. We supply bathing suits, shirts, sweatshirts and even a certification course if needed!

ROPES COURSE SPECIALIST – Are you good with heights? If so this is an amazing job for you. We can teach you all the skills needed to work at our exciting high and low ropes courses. Be a part of almost 20 person staff. Work with kids as they do more than they ever thought possible and watch their self-esteem soar even higher than they do themselves!

ATHLETIC SPECIALIST – Soccer, Softball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Flag Football, Team Handball, Ga-Ga, Archery, Gymnastics, Tennis, Mountain Bikes and Boards… This is just the start of what our Athletic Specialist teach the skills of and officiate games in. The diverse list of activities allows our specialist to engage in different activities during the summer. Perfect for Phys. Ed. Majors/teachers and college athletes.

DANCE SPECIALIST – (Must be 19 Years or older) – This could be the perfect job for you if you have spent your best days in a dance studio. Must be able to choreograph (and know all at the same time) about 12 routines to teach to campers. The goal is fun and to prepare for a low stress dance show in week 6 of camp.

BUS DRIVER - Must have a clean driving record and possess a CDL with P & S endorsements. Competitive pay and great routes. Get your summer route now and don't bother worrying about it for the next 5 months!

Maintenance – Start working in April and stay employed through the summer! Most days are spent outdoors at our beautiful 50+ acre facility. Painting, cleaning landscaping and more. Must be college age or older to apply for this position.

Yoga Instructor – Introduce campers to the Yoga lifestyle. Teach them poses, how to breathe properly and stress/anxiety controllers that so many need in today’s world.

Posted on May 22, 2023

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