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Hello! My name is Lynette. I am 45 yr old female. I have experience seeing clients and mostly helping them on the phone for 7 years. I specialize in positive motivation, spiritual direction, grief over a loved one, stress management, Friendships, Dating & Listening to people that only needs to be listened to. The only things I cannot help with are Intimate Addictions, Marraige and Family.
Please ask what areas you need help in prior to session.
I am available to help men & women weekdays Sundays through Wednesdays for sessions for in-person sessions or video chat virtually Via Skype or Zoom.
Rates: In-person $50/HR
Virtual (Skype or Zoom) $40/hr
$15 per additional hour
10 minute Foot massage Free with your session!

Due to covid we have to sit 6 ft apart and wear masks for our protection.

Please e-mail or text to schedule an appointment or to request a call. 862-276-5920.

Posted on January 9, 2021

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