One-of-a-Kind, Handcrafted Castle Bunk bed

Listed at $0 since the price is negotiable. I will take the best reasonable offer.

If you look on Craigslist for this same item, you will see my ad with a dozen more pictures showing alot more of the details.

I built this for my two oldest children when we ran out of bedrooms as our family continued to grow and were blessed with our 3rd, who is now 15 and has outgrown her lovely castle bed.

When I struggled to find a suitable bunkbed on our tight budget at the time, I found what I refer to as the skeleton, steel bunk bed frame that is inside this wooden creation. When it was fully assembled I discovered the top bar that is supposed to keep the child in the upper bunk from rolling out, was barely a couple inches above the surface of the mattress. I did not feel this was sufficient, so being a design engineer for M&M / Mars Candy at the time, I decided I needed to create something to keep my son from falling off the top bunk, should he roll over and drop 6 feet to the floor! So I made some sketches from some ideas I collected and created what you see here.

It consists of a 3 sided clear pine (no knots) wood frame. The headboard is constructed more like a bookcase where each bed has 2 shelves for their books and toys, as well as a reading light with high and low settings. The lower bunk also has a convenient electrical outlet and a light switch that turns on the two turret lights, also used as a nightlight feature. The custom stained glass windows were made by my wife that also worked at Mars as a packaging artist. There are also 2 very large storage drawers that are supported by 4 strong caster wheels. There is a wood ladder that can easily hook onto the end of the bed over the top steel frame and is easily removed. The frame is constructed of solid clear pine with wood dowels and wood insert lock nuts and bolts for easy assembly.
Length x Width x Height = approximately 8'-0" x 4-0" x 78" High

The turret light bulbs can be changed fairly easily by removing a set of 4 - 7/16" bolts from inside the frame. My daughter also liked it when I would remove the turret to replace the bulb, she would put one of her dolls inside the turret, as if she was held captive and you could see the captured princess thru the stained glass. LOL They had so much fun playing in their one of a kind castle bed. Made with love.
This took me 6 months to design and build and I have all the pictures.

It has served us for many years. I hope to find a nice family that will take good care of it.

Shipping will need to be local and careful. All shipping costs will be extra. It is easily taken apart and put back together. I would recommend a small box truck to move. (U-Haul / Budget truck)
If you need help I would be happy to help you put it back together at your home for an small additional cost.
I would say it takes about 60 - 90 mins to put together.

Posted on August 1, 2020

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