Machine Operator

Position Summary
Operate and start up heated Molding presses to mold and cure company products.

Specific Responsibilities:
• Spray inner surfaces of molds, mandrel(s) with lubricant, as required.
• Assemble and pre-heat components and mandrels prior to inserting into press, when required.
• Mold switchgear diaphragm in accordance with SOP’s. Inspect each piece for cosmetic flaws; use light to inspect interior of work pieces as needed. Remove flash from mold.
• Remove molded piece(s) from press completion of cycle, remove mandrel(s) from work piece(s).
• Have first piece(s) inspected by Q.C. Check each piece for cosmetics, no-bond, bubbles, etc., use light to inspect interior of work piece(s), when required.
• Remove flash from mold; trim work piece(s).
• Maintain quality and production standards.
• Run Tandem operation when they are scheduled.
• Make minor adjustments on press(es), such as pressure, temperature, etc.
• Follow job SOPs; complete and record production record. Wear protective clothing on arms, hands, and elsewhere as required.
• Keep machine and work area clean.
• Report unusual conditions to supervisor.
• Observe company safety rules and regulations.
• Perform, as assigned, other similar or related duties, i.e. Metalizer.
• Handle hazard waste from work area to accumulation site.
• Frequently lift and/or carry up to 40 pounds.

• Must be able to lift up to 40lbs.
• Must be reliable and trainable
• High School Diploma or equivalent

Dress Code
Steel-toed shoes on first day or will be sent home. Shorts and t-shirts are ok however if a tank is worn they will be given sleeves to protect their arms as it is dirty. No dangling jewelry.

PLEASE NOTE TO APPLICANTS: A majority of the production area is not temperature controlled, and thus may become hot during summer months or with via conductive heating from the machinery.

• Individuals who are transitioned from contract positions into employee positions will receive a $500 bonus upon conversion.

Posted on October 9, 2019

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