ONAN Carburetor Kit with Fuel Pump MARVEL SCHEBLER Model DD11 DD13 DD15

I purchased the wrong item on-line. Oops. Description and photo from my purchase. All pieces in original packaging and priced way lower than what I paid.

Carburetor repair kit for Onan engine model BF, BG, B43M or B48M that has a Marvel Schebler model DD11, DD13 or DD15 carburetor with the fuel pump mounted to the front of it. High quality made in USA by Zenith Fuel Systems repair kit that replaces Onan kit 142-0570 plus key additional items including the top and base mounting gaskets as well as a new fuel filter with barb, 1/4" SAE made in USA fuel line and clamps. also includes 2 genuine Onan intake manifold gaskets that are usually necessary to remove and replace the carburetor.

$50 xp

will meet locally in Hackettstown.

Posted on March 12, 2019

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