Summer Kindercamp Coordinator

Kindercamp Coordinator for Gill St. Bernard's School Hi Hills Camp - Summer 2019


Attend and assist with Staff Orientation Program for kinder camp counselors.

Specific duties and responsibilities delegated by the Director and Assistant Director of Summer and Auxiliary Programs.

Prior to the start of camp, the following certifications are required: CPR, AED and Epi-Pen Administer.

Prior to camp make all pre-camp parent calls.

Work with each kinder camp counselor to plan activities for unscheduled activity periods.

The activities planned must have a clear focus on meeting the individual needs of the bunk, its members and the theme of the week.

Support all kinder camp counselors in meeting the individual needs of the campers in their bunk.

Familiarize yourself with the specific needs of each camper in each bunk.

Monitor progress and feedback to parents on an as needed basis.

Use your incident report book to provide any pertinent information.

Take attendance daily and provide office with any necessary changes/additions.

Communicate and notify the office as to where the kinder camp bunks are and at what times if there is a change to the schedule.

Instill and maintain all safety standards for each individual camper as well as for the bunk as a whole. This includes a working knowledge of the emergency procedures for the Hi Hills Day Camps.

Be familiar with all emergency procedures and practice them with Kindercampers and Team Members.

Conduct a midsummer and end of season evaluation of kinder camp team members and program.

Uphold the 2019 ACA standards for kinder camp.

All duties are subject to change and other duties can be assigned at any point, including during the Camp Season.

These duties are in conjunction with your responsibilities as a bunk counselor.

Being responsible for your own bunk as well would be subject to change based on camp enrollment.

Posted on January 9, 2019

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