"Stranger Danger!" Classes

As an Educator and child care provider I have learned a fun and interactive method of teaching children between the ages of four to about ten what they really need to know about the reality of "Stranger Danger". I have a Video that I use as a guide during my lesson, so a tv and dvd player need to be at hand. And, I do require complete family participation. There are key points made during the lesson that we stop and act out together. You would be surprised how much moms and dads need to know too. Holiday time- large crowds, who's a safe person if they get lost in a public place? Enjoy about 2- 2.5 hours with me and your family will end up with a great "Stranger Danger system that will last from that point on. I have also taught this class at local libraries and in school settings and would say that I am available to continue doing that as well, should that fit your need. You can contact me at the number listed below. Happy and safe (!) Holidays.

Posted on December 6, 2018

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