Massage Therapist, Chester

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Chester Chiropractic Center is looking for an experienced, motivated, and caring massage therapist to join our family practice. We are a family owned and operated business for over 34 years and are deeply ingrained in the Chester NJ community. Trust, compassion, and family are our most important values.

Job Description:

Our office will offer three different types of massage:

~Standard Swedish massage used for relaxation of the entire body.

~Sports massage which places emphasis on a specific sport, therefore providing a deeper massage on certain areas.

~Targeted neuro-muscular massage for tight muscles from either an injury or a repetitive motion.


~Have at least 5 years of documented experience

~Provide 3 references

~Have a valid massage license

~Agree to a background check

~Have active malpractice insurance

Your Job Duties:

~Clean and prepare the room for clients: our massage room is your baby and your home. We provide the materials and environment so that you can focus solely on your main job.

~Perform the massage *

~Provide a SOAP note after each clients massage

*You are not a salesperson. Your focus is 100% on delivering a quality service

Our Job Duties:

~Provide an environment conducive to massage therapy

~Provide all materials, including massage table, towels, oil, etc.



~SOAP Software (Mindbody)

Our expectations of you:

~Arrive on time for your appointments (by "on time" we really mean early and ready to go before the client arrives).

~Maintain an exceptionally clean working environment.

~Ongoing collaboration with Dr. Barnes

~Maintain a positive, professional attitude and rapport with staff and clients at all times

~Understand that the learning process is a lifelong practice: always be willing to perfect your craft

~Effective communication

What you can expect from us:

~To provide a positive working environment

~Willingness to work together at any juncture to achieve future goals

~To be paid in a timely, organized manner

~Effective communication


~50% commission on any massage

~You WILL NOT accept ANY tips, whatsoever

Outlining the process:

Your application will be reviewed, references will be called, and you will be contacted to schedule an interview and demonstration. All applicants will receive a return call, regardless of the status of their application (accept or deny) for professional development purposes. We find it helpful for future career goals. We plan to review 3-5 applications at a time. Thank you in advance for your interest in joining Chester Chiropractic Center!

Posted on December 3, 2018

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