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Lacrosse coach resignation

Once again hackettstown has done everything possible to not be successful at the high school lacrosse level......finally they have a good knowledgeable coach and a host of talent and boom......coach designed because of absolutely no support from the athletic director.......how long will this continue to happen before we say ENOUGH!!!! I'm disgusted........

submitted 3 hours ago by Disgusted

2016 Hackettstown Life Forum NFL Pick 'Em Game

I set up a pool for picking NFL games "against the spread", if anyone's interested. This pool is strictly "for entertainment purposes" and bragging rights, at least it always has been. I'm not averse to putting up a few bucks if that's what everyone wants to do.

If you participated last year, you should have received an email invite.

The settings and sign-up information are below:


Group ID#: 26274
Group Password forum
Confidence Points No
Spread Yes
Tiebreakers Yes
Start Week 1
Drop Scores No, use all weeks
Deadline 5 minutes before each game
... More

submitted 6 hours ago by ianimal

Gene Wilder Dead: 'Young Frankenstein' Star Was 83


submitted 1 day ago by Darrin

Checkpoint by Target

Anyone know what the checkpoint was all about at around 10:30PM on Saturday 8/27? We passed by without being checked, but many other cars were pulled over either in the Hyundai lot for westbound traffic or liquor store lot for east. My wife insists they don't just randomly set up a checkpoint with 10 policemen to check for DWI. She thinks they were looking for something specific.

submitted 1 day ago by Poloki

What to do with plethora of Cucumbers?

I have cucumbers up the wazoooooo and please tell me what I can make with them!
They are not pickling cucumbers they are regular ones with seeds and quite big, most of them.
Looking for ideas -- Thanks!!!

submitted 1 day ago by LVRes

Looking for new casement window

I have called all over looking to purchase a new construction white vinyl casement window. Every place tells me the wait time is 2-3 weeks. Does anyone know where I could get one sooner ? some places tell me contractors may have some ?

submitted 1 day ago by cmj

New Htown Town Councilman Being Appointed 8/31?

Someone told me there's going to be a Town Council meeting on 8/31 to appoint a new council member to the vacant seat? I didn't even know there was a vacant seat. Does anyone know who's being appointed?? I also thought that had to be filled by election?

submitted 1 day ago by Jimsco

Teen Hangout?

My family just moved to the area and I was wondering what the teens do for fun? Is there a place they all seem to frequent?

submitted 1 day ago by kd3

Happy Birthday Hopeful in H'Town!

Happy Birthday Hopeful in H'Town!Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Happy Birthday darluggh!

Happy Birthday darluggh!Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Silhouette cameo

Has anybody know someone who knows how to teach silhouette cameo? I am a beginner crafter here and hoping someone could help me out start with my machine. Thanks.

submitted 1 day ago by Mary Ann

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